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Pump Repairs and Rebuilds

Premium Pump Services In Auckland


Just like any other type of equipment, pumps require regular maintenance if you want them to run in optimal condition and prevent costly repairs later down the line. Pump maintenance can easily be something you forget about, but you should prioritise maintenance if you don’t want to experience a pump emergency or costly downtime at a later stage. PumpWorks is a pump business that offers trustworthy and reliable pump maintenance services. We aim at improving our customers’ pump reliability and fixing any running issues through our comprehensive pump maintenance programs. Our experienced and trained team carry out detailed inspections and make use of cutting edge repair equipment and facilities to carry out rework when it is necessary. At PumpWorks, we have been around since 1996, and have considerable experience in the pump maintenance sector and have worked with a wide variety of different clients. We mostly specialise in providing our pump maintenance services to those in the oil & gas, wine, chemical and food industries.

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Additionally, we also offer standard to high Spec. mechanical seal design and installation. PumpWorks have a proven track record with this service. We pride ourselves on making things work and finding innovative solutions to your problems. Kelrez, PTFE Encap, FKM, we work with you.

PumpWorks offers 24/7 service work, maintenance schedules, on-site service and installation. With forward planning, we can often reduce downtime, which keeps the wheels of your industry turning. We specialise in working with clients in the oil & gas, food, wine, and chemicals industries. Our team are experts when it comes to a wide range of different industrial pumps.

If a repair or rebuild looks like it may take some time and you don’t want to lose out on operations, we can also offer you pump hire services in the interim so that you can still meet all of your targets!

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16/10 Olive Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061
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With a passion for solutions, we at PumpWorks get our satisfaction from working with our clients. Pumpworks custom design, custom build and deliver!

Supplying brands and products for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Food and Wine, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater industries, we understand what is required and what works.
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