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Design and Selection

Premium Pump Services In Auckland


If you need a pump system installed for a particular site that you are working on, PumpWorks is your ideal solution. We have been in the industry since 1996 and have worked on a diverse range of interesting and challenging projects.

We know that site work often presents complex challenges when it comes to pump systems, but our team here at PumpWorks have a true passion for finding innovative and effective solutions to your problems.

Pump selection, systems design and installation are all just as important as each other. These factors all work hand in hand to ensure systems work as they should and in optimal condition. Incorrect installation could mean the selected pump doesn’t deliver as required. In fact, incorrect installation could lead to total pump failure. This would cause you unwanted downtime, cost you unnecessary amounts of money in repairs, as well as cause you stress as a project manager.

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PumpWorks STD Priming Tank
Graco Husky AODD Pumps
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Our team at PumpWorks have hands-on experience with pump installation and design, from the correct valve position to the recommended pipework sizing. PumpWorks offers site works, system consultancy and installation. We have worked with a wide variety of different clients, including those in the chemical, food, wine, and oil & gas industries. We are happy to work on any type of industrial or commercial site work project.

At PumpWorks, we listen, respond and work together with our clients. Once all task boxes are green, we sign off and deliver and aim to get things done as soon as possible with no compromise to quality or safety. Site safety is always a top priority for us. Site induction and site protocol are at the top of our work list, with JSA tasks vs. hazards having the highest priority. PumpWorks’ employees work with site managers/site safety teams before the green light is given on each job.

PumpWorks Limited would love to be a part of your team on your next project!

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With a passion for solutions, we at PumpWorks get our satisfaction from working with our clients. Pumpworks custom design, custom build and deliver!

Supplying brands and products for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Food and Wine, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater industries, we understand what is required and what works.
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