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Our Essential Handbook on Safely Pumping Hazardous Liquids

Do you own or manage a business that deals with hazardous liquids? From flammable to corrosive chemicals, there are numerous hazard liquids that may need to be transferred, especially in chemical processing plants.

At PumpWorks, we have worked with countless chemical manufacturers, providing high-quality services for safely pumping hazardous chemicals. As a result, we have created this guide to help inform others about safely handling chemicals via reliable pumping solutions.

Dangers of Hazardous Liquids

Firstly, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of hazardous liquids and why it’s essential to have safe pumping solutions. Hazardous liquids can refer to a wide variety of dangerous liquids, including:

  • Flammable – acetone, benzene, ethyl ether
  • Combustible  acetic acid, formalin, formic acid
  • Toxic – ammonia, mercury, chromium 
  • Corrosive chemicals – bromine, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide

Industrial manufacturing and other sectors are known to transfer these liquids as part of their manufacturing processes. Pumping hazardous liquids can potentially lead to problems like:

  • Leaks
  • High temperature
  • Reduced flow
  • Overpressurization

In turn, accidents – from fires to explosions – might occur.

How To Transfer Hazardous Liquids Safely

There are many ways to handle hazardous liquids safely. This includes:

  • Pump – pumping hazardous liquids safely requires a reliable and efficient chemical pump solution. In particular, a magnetic drive chemical pump is a popular choice for handling hazardous chemicals. The pump should also be made from cast steel and located in a suitable area for safe pump maintenance and minimal risk. All components of the pump (seals etc.) should be compatible with the liquid that is being pumped. 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – PPE should be worn at all times when operating the pump and handling hazardous liquids. Eye, hand, body, feet, and face protection should be worn, and if necessary, a respirator.

At PumpWorks, we are New Zealand’s leading pump specialists, providing a wide range of pump services for a number of different industries. We can expertly design and select the best chemical pump solution for businesses dealing with hazardous liquids, ensuring the health and safety of all persons in the building. If you are interested in our premium pump services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information about how we can help.

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